Mr. Mustachio
An egg shaped guy, extraordinary is his panache, Always smiling, as he twirls his magnificent moustache! With a grid of numbers, he tests your skills, Fast reflexes, quick thinking, needed in this game of thrills! Mr. Mustachio needs your help, truth be told, The span of his whiskers, the grid controls! Add, Subtract or Multiply, do the proper math and make his handlebar grow, Diamonds will be your reward, as you chase your high score! (Mr. Mustachio wrote those lines himself. Obviously he is a great poet too! More on this later) Mr. Mustachio is a game which tests out your number skills as well as your observation skills. How quickly can you scan a grid in different directions to find the correct answer? Are you able to infer in which direction to scan the grid in a quick glance? Can you quickly eliminate certain choices to hone in on the correct one? The premise of the game is simple: Given a grid of numbers and a rule, just find the row or column which matches the rule before the time runs out! The further you go, the longer Mr. Mustachio’s moustache grows! Easy as you like it! Maybe you like math. Maybe you just like challenges. Maybe you like to do brain training exercises. Maybe you like to test your reflexes. Maybe you love to do all of these! There is something for everyone in this small and simple, yet quite fun and challenging game.
Shobhit Samaria
Indie Game Developer