Movie Wheel Pack
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Currently, I already have some of the 3D models, which I had in mind, for the update!


  • Rims similar to the movie: Back to the future - Codename Model: "EMC"
"This particular model, it has cost me a lot, to create it ... since it has so many nooks and crannies! But in the end it was pretty good for my taste! It is not a Model: AAA, realistic, manufactured in high-end 3D programs ... I use a program, quite simple, in comparison with the other brands: Wings3D, fulfills its function, and I am very comfortable!"

  • Rims similar to the movie: In Time - Codename Model: "In Now"
"Well, what can I say about this rim model, apart from the fact that it seems like a nipple comes out of the middle! Oh, wow!! curious... I have also used the broadcast channel, although I do not get the "bloom effect" of the camera working properly, it should be seen as a neon light. Neither do I presume, of a great lighting system !! (I'm sure that anyone with some knowledge, makes my idea work)."

  • Rims similar to the movie: Mad Max Fury Road - Codename Mode: "Bad Max"
"Here, I can say, that is the type of rim, that I would like to ride in my car ... I do not know why, he always called me those blades, and "black" yeahhh Although it lacks some dust and rust, for the field through."


  • Rim similar to the Movie: Smokey and the Bandit - Codename Model: "Bandito"
"It has taken me to do it, all day long, so many crossed blades GrRRRRRR Well the result is not so bad .... Although at the time of doing the triangulation, the program gave me some discomfort ... and I had to triangulate point to point, some areas."


  • Tires similar to the brand: Cooper Cobra - Radial GT - Codename Model: Gold Anaconda - "Radial GT"
This tire, it seems to have good clefts, but do not be fooled, it is work of "Normal-map" and "Ambient Occlusion", would give the hit in any ITV (technical inspection of vehicles).

  • Tires similar to the brand: Cooper Cobra - Codename Model: Gold Anaconda - "RoadFury"
These two tires: - Gold Anaconda - Radial GT - Gold Anaconda - ROADFURY
They start from the same model, but only one texture ... that saves some space. Since my first tires, occupied a texture for each tire, it is quite heavy for the downloads, although I can not get rid of good maps: - Albedo / Transparent - MetallicSmoothness - AO Mix - NormalMap These I export with Gimp, with maximum compression, and thanks to that, all my Assets, do not weigh 2Gb or more. Although they are imported into Unity at a resolution of 4096x4096, and in Unity they are converted to 2048x2048. So you can always change to a higher value, or lower.
Up to here the news of the future update.
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