Movie Wheel Pack

Movie Wheel Pack

It is the fourth project, of rims and tires, that I had in mind, although with a touch more dedicated to the cinema. Based on TV series, and famous movies, lying, famous vehicle wheels.

Here I will show a list, of the Movies and TV series, on which I have based the Asset:

  • Herbie: Fully Loaded
  • Jurassic Park
  • Taxi Express (in Spain)
  • A-Team
  • The Dukes of Hazzard
  • Knight Rider

And here those that upload in the following update:

  • Mad Max: Fury Road
  • In Time
  • Back to the Future (I'm not sure)
  • And if you want some to order, I'll also try to recreate it.

What can I say about the tires?

Well, I laughed a lot, modifying the names of their real counterparts ... Sometimes they are very ridiculous names, in their translation into Spanish, but when I see it in English ... well, I think, damn! It does not look so bad! And I laugh again another time.
Many of the treads of the tires, are own invention... I suppose they did not evacuate much water, if they were converted to the real world, I do not think they could be homologated either! But some of them I like very much!

Why have I based my Assets on wheels for vehicles?

It's strange even for me, but I feel a predilection for cars, I like them since I was very young. Every time I try a game, that has to do with vehicles, I always end up missing more of everything, more wheels, or more tires, or anything, that is a modification.
Well, at the end of the day, variety is life, and half of games lack of that, of variety! How about a game, where do you go to the workshop, and have endless modifications? You'll get bored of the amount, not the lack of stock :)

About my previous Asset, and compatibility with other Assets:

Well, I started doing, wheels for Standard Asset from Unity. For that yellow vehicle, so curious! But, go to the next level, I wanted them to be compatible with "Randomation 2.0" And it was simple, they were also compatible with "Extreme Vehicle Pack" ...

So here, there is a small list, of compatibility with Assets of the Store:

  • Randomation 2.0
  • Extreme Vehicle Pack
  • Unity Standard Asset
  • RCC Realistic Car Controller
(I guess it will be compatible with any jalopy that has wheels, we try?)

Modular Kit:

Yes, as it sounds, since all my Asset, work with each other! The rims, which exist in "Wheel Pack V.1", should fit perfectly with this the tires of this asset!
If we calculate, all the rims, which are in all my assets, and all the tires that are also present, then ... are a lot of combinations. And if we add, that most, they are like a blank canvas, and several materials, because it increases exponentially.

And a message that I will not tire of writing:

Dear buyers,: D
Remember, that with each vote, each word of dedication to a revision, helps us all. - 1º, to us sellers, to correct possible failures, to add improvements, to solve doubts. - 2º, to help new buyers in their decisions, even if they have the last word, it is always good to know that what you buy is valued. Damn it, nobody has done me a review !!!! (Next time will be) :P

Well I guess it seems a brick all this text, hahaha so I'll leave for today! I hope you like it!
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