Mountain Tree Pack - Dynamic Nature
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This pack contain 8 (21 prefabs+10 vegetation studio prefabs) PBR mountain fir trees. Trees could be placed in forest (2 forest versions) or as standalone. All trees work perfectly with unity terrain and Vegetation Studio system (separated prepared prefabs and shaders). They are carefuly optimised and created from scanned data. Trees have low overdraw, drawcall usage and are very cheap in render. All trees contain wind shading.
We prepared 3 kind of trees:
- normal: where 4 from 8 trees have 2 bark materials for cool blend at bark
- cheap where all trees have 1 bark material (less drawcalls) and all trees could use the same leaves and bark. This means that 8 types of trees will be batched together (very low drawcalls for whole forest).
- normal snow: with snow
All cheaper version of trees could be batched togerther so drawcall usage will be decreased dramaticly even with 8 types of trees at the scene.

In your pack you will find 3 aspects:

1) Different stages of trees like:
- plant
- small
- medium
- 2 big standalone
- 2 forest trees (less tri and shadows on the ground)
- dead tree

2) Group of textures for trees (compressed in Albedo/Alpha; Normal; Metallic/AO/Smoothness) for cheaper gpu render and less memory usage:
- snow set (5 textures)
- 7 bark sets (24 textures)
- leaves (3 textures)
- 8 cross texture sets (24 textures)

3) Shaders:
- 2 cross shaders (with snow and without)
- 4 bark shaders (metalic, metalic snow, specular, specular snow)
- 2 bark shaders for Vegetation Studio
- 4 leaves shader (metalic, metalic snow, specular, specular snow)
- 2 leaves shaders for Vegetation Studio
- snow is dynamic so tree could be covered at runtime

Fir Trees LOD'S and triangles:
750/340/ 8 (cross)
3900/1800/900/400/ 8 (cross)
10000/4100/2100/1000/8 (cross)
Big Standalone:
16000/9000/5000/1300/8 (cross)
7000/2800/1400/400/8 (cross)

All textures are high quality from scanned data. Resolution is from 1024x2048 up to 4096x4096. They look very good also at lower resolution setup. You could match them to your goals. As trees have shared materials and textures drawcall and gpu usage is very low so it's good to hold even high resolution textures because they don't cost much.

Note: We advice to use forest trees in forest to get better light and performance result and standalone versions on forest border and sometimes inside forest. This setup will give best visual and performance result.

Note2: In our screens we used our: Advanced Foliage Pack (grass and ground textures), Advanced Rock Pack (rocks and rock shader), CTS (terrain shading) and third party assets: Enviro (sky and light), Vegetation Studio ( foliage system)

Note: LOD0 could be used in archviz, even with LP for such project type they look very realistic. Scanned data and sculpted details gives realistic looking.
Bartlomiej Galas
System, Level Designer, Manager, Shader Coder - Owner