Most Wanted: Dead or Alive.
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Western plataformer.
Most Wanted: Dead or Alive.
Project made by a small group of students of Game Design/Devellopment, First year, Andres Bello University, Chile.

History: Mike discovers that his village was destroyed by the evil Adolf, but, before he can revenge for his people, he must leave the area alive, with his secuases on his heels, his only salvation is to escape to the south away from the hands of Adolf, however before To meet his goal, he meets one of Adolf's strongest fighter.

Mike, main character, Indian that tries to revenge on Adolf, the guy that took her village.

Enemies, some indians that went agaisnt Mike.

We're trying to do some kind of "Run and Gun" game, like Metal slug in the old times, alot of fun, good history and interesting mechanics.
This is a very early prototipe, we are improving alot of things, untill the day we have 4 complete levels, incluide a semi boss.
we would love any kind of feedback and tips that help us to construct a better game.
Regards, Pedro. Head Programmer.