Mosaic: Game Of Gods Download Highly Compressed Rar
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Mosaic: Game Of Gods Download Highly Compressed Rar -

About This GameMosaic: Game of Gods is a game of mosaic puzzles made of different materials. The Universe exists balancing between Chaos and Creation. They bring harmony and equilibrium; they are watching the flow of life. But, when one of the forces prevails, the world becomes unrecognizable. And so it happened once, when the furious God of Chaos decided to wipe all the life off the Earth. And now only the Goddess of Creation is able to bring everything back and tame the heart of the God of Chaos.- 150 vibrant levels- Charming and relaxing music- Fever mode- Relaxed mode- Numerous achievements b4d347fde0 Title: Mosaic: Game of GodsGenre: CasualDeveloper:New Bridge GamesPublisher:New Bridge GamesRelease Date: 31 Oct, 2016 Mosaic: Game Of Gods Download Highly Compressed Rar mosaic game of gods 3. mosaic game of gods 3. mosaic game of gods ii deluxe. mosaic game of gods ii chomikuj. mosaic game of gods iii. mosaic game of gods 2. mosaic game of gods 1. mosaic game of gods ii chomikuj. mosaic game of gods 2. mosaic game of gods download. mosaic game of gods iii. mosaic game of gods download. mosaic game of gods. mosaic game of gods ii deluxe. mosaic game of gods 1. mosaic game of gods ii. mosaic game of gods ii. mosaic game of gods Beatiful jigsaw puzzle game. Nice bright colours, soothing music. Fun & relaxing.. Excellent Mosaic puzzle! Great visuals, interesting puzzles, relaxing sound effects, and choice of timed/casual.. relaxing and very adictive.... XD. Mosaic: Game of the Gods is jigsaw puzzle game that draws inspiration from stained-glass artwork, the pieces being put together in a beautiful mosaic painting. It begins with a minamilistic, yet gorgeous cinematic that is a simple retelling of the older creation myth, chaos destroying everything and being put back together by order. It's a simple setup for the reasoning behind the puzzles themselves, but it's effective in its approach.There are six packs of puzzles, each with 25 puzzles, the last of which puts a unique spin - pun intended - on the base puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles usually wear out their welcome in video games pretty quickly, but this one is keeping me entertained to the end, because of how different it, and how relaxing it is. Each puzzle has three stars to obtain - one for completing the puzzle, one for finishing it without mistakes, and another for doing it in the alloted time. It's a nice system that is there for completionists, while not disrespecting the time of those who just want to finish a puzzle at their own pace. The unique take on the old jigsaw game is welcome, the only other game of it's ilk that does something differently and good at the same time is Plexus Puzzles. It's nice to see more variety in the genre.The only issue I have with the game is that you only have a limited number of pieces to choose from at any given time. You cannot scroll through all the remaining pieces, which is unfortunate given the fact that the beginning layout of the puzzle changes each time, so it takes some control away from the player. This is a small issue, as it doesn't effect the enjoyment and relaxing aspects of the game all that much.Finally, in regards to the gameplay, there's Fever Mode, which is for those who really like a challenge. You start with a set time limit to solve a series of puzzles, all in that time limit. You gain time by finishing a puzzle, so the faster you solve them the more time you will have to solve the next one. It's effectively a Boss Rush mode in a puzzle game, which adds replay value to a type of game that usually doesn't have any.The artwork is beautiful, and never disappoints. The music, while charming and relaxing as the preview says, gets old after a while. The game could use more variety in the music department. With that said, it's a small annoyance.5 being Average, Mosaic: Game of Gods scores a...7.5 / 10 -- In a genre that typically does nothing new, Mosaic proves to be both a unique and relaxing experience.. I had a problem and the developers fixed it. Great fun casual game.. I recommend this game for the puzzle lovers out there. As traditional, the mosaics are in different materials and some are quite lovely. There are 6 locations w/ 25 puzzles each for a total of 150. The music is fine but of course you can turn it off if it doesn't appeal to you. Some of the puzzles are quite intricate but none are so hard as to make them "unbearable". The last puzzle in each location rotates and in order to put the piece in its proper place you must rotate the puzzle to match the direction the piece is facing. Challenging, especially with the time limit, but doable. There is one achievement called left handed mode but that just means the puzzle pieces and the controls (hint and menu buttons) are on the left instead of the right and you only have to do one puzzle in that mode to get the achievement. Definitely worth getting (especially if on sale). I almost forgot: there is a story line but it only appears at the beginning and end of the game.
Kristina Moore