Month Ahead: March 2020
Published 3 months ago
Month Ahead: March 2020
Welcome to the next Month Ahead here in the Challenges and we have a lot of fun and interesting themes this time for you. We saw a lot of great entries and winners in our previous months Challenges and look forward to all the games we get to play in March.
So let us get into what is upcoming for the month ahead for March and do not forget that we have various levels of Challenges available to all with a few changes going forward.
These new Challenges are:
  • My First Microgame - Every 2 weeks
  • Mods, Mods, Mods - Every 2 weeks
  • Seasonal - Scheduled times
  • Experienced - Scheduled times
My First Microgame and Mods, Mods, Mods will no longer run side by side, rather they will run every two weeks in a rotating fashion.

My First Microgame & Mods, Mods, Mods

My First Microgame

My First Microgame is aimed at Beginners that are new to Unity and the In Editor Tutorials. We want to see what kind of level you have achieved making in your first few days of using Unity. These Challenges will run every two weeks so do not panic if you miss one.
Microgame type: Karting, FPS, 2D Platformer
Start Time: 2nd March & 30th March

Mods, Mods, Mods!

Mods, Mods, Mods! Is aimed at Beginners that are new to the In Editor Tutorials and currently working through the Mods portion of the experience. We want to see you add these Mods to your game to enhance your level.
Microgame type: Karting, FPS, 2D Platformer
Start Time: 16th March

Spring is Here

Our next Seasonal Challenge will be Spring is Here. This Challenge will be open to all that wish to enter across all Microgames. Show us your best Microgame that is themed around Spring and nature.
Microgame type: Karting, FPS, 2D Platformer
Start Time: Begins 4th March and runs until 7th April.

Dinner Party Crashing

A brand new one off Challenge that is based around the FPS Microgame. With this Challenge we see the release of a handful of new Assets including Hats & Food which are available for free on the Asset Store. Along with these we will also see the release of our new Robot Boss Asset that is available on the Asset store.
Microgame type: FPS
Start Time: Begins 3rd March and runs until 6th April.

Boss Fight

Calling all Challengers that want to tackle a new kind of Challenge. In these Experienced challenges we will give you an image and a short description. It is up to you to use this narrow scope to create your best level around the idea.
These Challenges will be looking for the best of the best modified levels and will be focused on specific Microgames rather than all of them. With our next Experience Challenge we are looking to see a 2D Platformer Boss Fight (more details to follow in the challenge launch).
Microgame type: 2D Platformer
Start Time: Begins 25th March and runs until 21st April.
To check out all the Challenges and to keep an eye out for the upcoming ones head on over to the CHALLENGE PAGE!

Happy Creating!

Andrew Donnell
Community Manager - Other