Monster Mischief
Match-3 gameplay with tower defence inspired mechanics. Players match to summon elemental monsters to breach the tower defence. Acquiring mana allows the player to summon special monsters with unique traits, adding a strategical layer to gameplay.
Monster Mischief is a match-3 game with additional gameplay elements that are influenced by the tower defence genre. The player will spend most of their time matching the five tiles on the grid (1). These tiles include fire, water, leaf, cloud and earth. Tiles are moved in an uncommon way however. Rather than switching the positions of a tile to create matches, the player is able to move a tile anywhere on the board by dragging. When the player drags a tile through another tile, they switch positions; allowing them to get multiple matches. If a player successfully matches three or more of the same tile, monster/s will spawn at the start of the path (2). The monster that spawns will be a default elemental monster, which correlates to the set of tiles. For example, if the player matches three fire tiles, a fire default monster will spawn. Spawned monsters will travel along the pathway and attempt to reach the end. Successfully reaching the end will trigger a breach. A breach will advance the progression of the star bar (3). The player needs to obtain at least one star to progress to the next level; however, they will only have a set amount of time to get as many stars and breaches as possible (4). Towers are the obstacles in the game (5), and attempt to stop the monsters from breaching. There are a variety of towers, such as; an area of effect tower, which damages all monsters within a radius; an ice tower, which slows all monsters within a radius, and the single target tower, which fires a projectile at a monster every second. In order to help the player breach, they are able to summon special monsters, each with their own unique trait (6). Some of these special monsters include; Rory, who is slow but able to take a lot of hits; Maya, who heals nearby monsters, and Levy, who can fly directly to the end of the path. The player can only summon these monsters by spending accumulated mana (7). Mana is earned through matching tiles, the more tiles that are involved in a match, the more mana is gained.
Phillip Murray-Turner
Game Development - Designer