Monster Mash
Published 10 months ago
Monster Mash game control development sandbox
Solo VR game development sandbox that's evolved into a game. Including universal character controllers, spawners and game control scripting in C#.
Unity Asset store assets models were used to create world and characters. Game control and universal character control developed at Granby Games.
Development on this project has ended as it was an initial development sandbox based on HLAPI. The next project will utilize Unity's new networking framework.

Game client can be downloaded here -

Mike Hogan
Automation Developer - Designer
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Mike Hogan
9 months ago
Automation Developer
Monster Mash has been a great experience and platform for creating our control systems . Used a ton of free models and used our universal char controller to run them all. Accomplishments include: - NPC(ally and enemy), player controller - Encounter management system including limitless mobs, escalations, actions and links - Loot management system (chests, drops, coin, locking, encounter ties) - Area triggering (enter,exit, play music, trigger encounter) - 5 weapon combat system with weapons strengths, parry, miss, stun - encounter and quest effects triggers for sound, particles, locks ) - Object moving systems for doors gates and platforms - wandering NPC waypoint manger - Faction change (npc can become merc) - Player HUD (health, energy, group players health, chat box, quest points mob kills, weapon stats, collections, help) - Projectiles - Full character sounds, world sounds and music - Multiplayer for up to 10 network players - Selectable player and player name at game start - Local server host or local play option - Multi tiered npc aggro based on distance, faction, aggression - Camera orbiting, 1st and 3rd person views - NPC dialog tracker - Army deployment mode and auto escalating /repeating encounters Game can be downloaded from -