Published 3 years ago
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Android; iOS
Space Monkeys
This a clicker game… in outer space! Players embark on a journey to meet new species of monkeys, claim rewards for completing missions and discover new pixel art planets. Gather two of the same monkey species and make them evolve. Buy upgrades and power ups at the store and accelerate your expedition. With Dr. Arlo’s help, launch rockets into the monkeyverse and discover the hidden mysteries of the galaxy. No man has reached the ends of the universe, how far can YOU get?

Once upon a time, a monkey named Albert tried to go into outer space. However, there was a terrible accident an he did not survive…. or so we thought. This little monkey changed his name to Arlo and still dreamed to reach the stars. Sadly, due to his grave injuries, he was no longer fit for space travel. He dedicated his life to study astronomy and managed to open de Monkeynauts program, where he could gather and train lots of his monkey peers and send them to space, making his dream finally come true.

Addictive gameplay
Space themed
Pixel art graphics
Lots of planets, each with 6 different monkeys
Catchy music
Gustavo Monforte
Sr - Producer
Game Languages
Spanish; English
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS