MonKey Commander - Productivity Booster
Game engines are complicated, messy, and frustrating.
Unity is awesome and I truly love it, but its user experience can sometimes make it hard to achieve things that should be simple.
MonKey was created with one objective in mind: Give access to very advanced editor functionalities as well as trivial ones as quickly and as intuitively as possible. It was born with the realization that very few people truly remember editor hotkeys, and 100% of people hate to navigate menus (accurate number) ! A lot of the things you normally want to achieve in the editor are specific, local, but cannot be achieved without a lot of clicking (and frustration).
MonKey tries its best to guess what you want to achieve, and provides you with the appropriate tool without the hassle of getting lost in menus, and wasting time trying to figure out menu item’s functionality.
I hate to do repetitive things or to have to wait for a long when working on my games, and I suppose it's a pretty universal thing :)
That's essentially what motivated me to start to work on MonKey, and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!
William Besnard
Game Designer / Programmer - Designer