Mofo (Moose Force)
Published 2 years ago
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The world has been taken over by a bunch of weird moose like creatures!
No one knows where they came from - some say they were first seen in a Finnish village called Neuvoton.

These nasty, randy meese have started spilling into the cities and villages. They are rapidly driving humans out of their homes and wrecking everything!

Now, it's up to only one man - the one and only, Richard Seamen - to stem the tide and save this planet from yet another historic apocalypse.

Play as Richard in this epic gasoline pumped quest to save the humans, dealing with one moose at a time. Upgrade and pimp up your fancy ride and shoot, squash and decimate any moose foolish enough to tread your way!

- Meet a bunch of evil enemies - all with their own quirks and strengths
- Customize your rides to transform them into stylish and effective killing machines
- Discover fancy costumes which empower you with different abilities
- Get rewarded by completing challenging Achievements
- Record and share your adventures with others using Everyplay to boast about your highscores
Surath Chatterji
Product Owner - Producer
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English; English, British
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2 years ago
Hi Everyone, v.1.0.3 is now Live on Apple App Store Improvements and bug fixes: - Added visual effects and animation for Ads and Everyplay button on Game Over Screen which lets you multiply your rewards up to 3X times - Fixed a bug with the confirmation dialog for purchasing ATV - Fixed a UI issue in the garage for ATV purchase flow - Now you can upgrade any specific part of your selected vehicle to max level without the upgrade dialog getting closed after every upgrade - Fixed a bug which did not disable Everyplay in Options Menu (Use this feature to disable Everyplay if you are using an older device/OS version and/or you are experiencing lag during gameplay) - Fixed an art glitch with the Gold costume Please follow us on Facebook ( ) or Twitter ( ) - Please share your thoughts how we can drive virality or improve our Social Media pages. DM us directly here or FB or Twitter or email us your feedback at contactweekendies[at]
2 years ago
Hi Everyone, We just went LIVE with Version 1.0.2 Get it while it's hot:… Release Notes: - Brand new Icon - Welcome beautiful Candy. As always, don't get lured by her! - Brand new vehicle: ATV - It's bigger, stronger and meaner! - We balanced the enemy AI to make the gameplay more fun and challenging - Everyplay updated to latest version 2160 - Lots of bug fixes and improvements Please send your feedback using comments, Messenger button or email to Have fun! :) #mofo #mofos #killthemall #mooseforce