Modern Town Mega Pack
Complete Town Pack includes: 3 modern Row Houses Fully furnished Club House with multiple amenities Amphitheatre, Swimming Pool and Tot lot with Jogging Track Over 125 Furniture Assets “Contemporary Row House Design” full-pack main features: •Photo-real & modern Row houses fully furnished •Highly optimized lowpoly realistic assets •3 levels of LOD •Ready for mobile devices (low & high-end) •Inspired by urban architecture & design •Great attention to lighting detail •A wide range of materials that replicate the real-world surfaces •Textures in all including materials, cube maps, textures with baked light maps •Realistic lighting was baked externally which is used in film •Manually unwrapped 3D models •Includes source textures with (Diffuse, GI, Light, Shadow maps) Your one stop for a quick and easy assembly of modern home ArcViz presentation! (*package doest not include plants,vehicles or lighting solution*)
Square Foot