Model-View-Controller design pattern with Unity
Develop a "Guitar Hero like" game with Unity 5.6. Part 1 : Design Pattern
This training is the first of a series of training on Unity, focusing on team work between designers, artists and programmers. Every training in this series will touch on a specific subject of the game industry. This course will touch on design patterns, and especially the model-view-controller pattern and how to implement it with Unity. We're going to start from scratch to build a Guitar Hero, or Tap Tap Revenge like game. We'll touch on data structure and gameplay mechanics, which overlap design and programming, and data-gameplay graphics, which overlaps art and programming. We'll begin with a quick overview of the known patterns (MVC, MVVM, MVP) Then, we'll mock up the view with Unity UI tools, before we work on the game architecture. We'll design the Track Data structure (Model), then we'll display and edit it with a Custom Inspector, and randomly generate sample data to work with. We'll touch on reusable data with the ScriptableObject class. We'll then work on the Track View, populate it with prefabs UI objects, and animate it. We'll then work on the GamePlay Controller, that'll handle inputs from the Player and all Game Play mechanics, and update the view so the Player knows how he's doing. At the end of the course, artists will know better what they can do with UI components, and programmers and designers will know how they can author custom game data, right from the editor, for use at runtime.
Fred Moreau
Coach/Developer/Trainer - Other