Mocap to Blender to Mecanim
We use a Noitom Perception Neuron 18 kit to capture our motion sets. It's sensor based and takes about 10 minutes to suit up and start shooting. The capture and export process is a breeze, but getting the data onto a rig in Blender (that is Mecanim compatible) was a bit more tricky to figure out. I export the raw motion as a 3DSMax bvh from the Axis capture suite and then importing the data using the Blender Add-On MakeWalk. For rigs we use a modified Rigify rig that has it's deform skeleton customized for Unity via script. Rigify is a nice auto-rig system with FK/IK match built in, and I much prefer it to the heavier BlendRig 5. Twist bones are automatically added as part of this process as children of the elbow and then driven via script in Unity. The only real drawback to this process is that MakeWalk does not solve finger data, so the finger data is lost on import. Next, I hope to look into using curve filters and animation layers to clean the data in Blender.
Gregory Shives
Sr. Technical Generalist, 3D