Mobo Greenhouse Garden
Published 2 years ago
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Garden game for toddlers
Our newest educational app for toddlers is now available on the AppStore. We would like to request a review of Mobo Greenhouse Garden - a farm game created specially for 2-5-year-olds.
The aim of the game is to grow our own garden, full of vegetables, flowers and some magic plants. Animals that visit Greenhouse Garden have different tastes, e.g. Little Kitten can prefer spicy chili peppers, while Mr. Dog demands cucumbers. When a kid plants flowers, not only the garden becomes more beautiful, but bees come and produce sweet honey.
Greenhouse Garden is really entertaining - players have to watch for weeds and moles and remember to water the plants. But there’s no stress, scores and a lot of help.
Key features:
  • encourage kids to discover nature and to learn about the world, while raising awareness about the environment.
  • there’s a lot going on, kids have to grow crops, water the plants, get rid of weeds and moles
  • if a little player seeds some magic beans, a huge plant grows up to heaven - leprechauns descend from it and help taking care of the garden
  • specially designed for toddlers, kid-friendly interface
  • no scores, no time limits, no stress, only awards like “The most amazing carrot in the whole world”
  • players get to feed cute animals, known from our previous apps, they can really show their appreciation (the message is “healthy diet is fun”)
  • adorable graphics
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