Mobius of Magic
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Android; iOS
Turn-based RPG set in a fantasy world of magic and sorcery


Mobius of Magic is an old-school RPG designed exclusively for touch-screen devices. The combat system is a unique mix between the turn-based titles of the PlayStation X generation (Final Fantasy VII - IX, Dragon Quest, ...) and the new interaction capabilities mobile devices.


The story begins at the Harbour of Thal'mur, one of the regions of the world of Everwind. After being training your sorcery skills with your master Roku, he decides it is time for you to take your final test. Once you have reviewed the basics of spell casting, Roku sends you to run an errand for Leena, the White Mistress. Your master gives you the Dragon Fang, an ancient relic known to have mystical powers. Unaware of the importance of this artifact, you embark on an epic adventure that will lead you from the greatest cities to the darkest regions of the world.


Learn powerfull spells from different mage guilds scattered around the world and use them to fight an evil shadow in a story with multiple plot twists and epic surprises.
An innovative and dynamic turn-based combat system designed specifically for touch-screen devices, where attacking the enemy is as important as blocking incoming attacks and stealing mana.
Explore the hand-crafted regions of the world of Everwind, including ancient forests, mystic swamps, dark caves and abandoned temples, among many other places.
Meet a wide variety of characters in your journey, such as a drunk old-man that was once a hero, a rude and selfish hermit with great power and many others equally extravagant.
Enjoy the experience with a unique and immersive soundtracks and delightful sound effects.


Catsoft Studios
Martí-Joan Nogué Coll
Generalist Unity Toolsmith - Programmer
Game Languages
English; English, British; Spanish
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS