Mobile RPG
My game is an RPG with lots of combat and some humorous situations. It's inspired by some old games such as Monkey Island and Ghouls'n Ghosts (even if none of those are RPG, but I used some of their ingredients).
Here is the first level of my game. It's still a work in progress, but I'm launching a WebGL demo for beta testing. The first level has all the basics, functionalities and logic I will be developing for the rest of the levels. The game is meant to be for IOS, but I developed a simple input system for WebGL to be able to share and test the game from an URL. The movement is managed by the arrow keys and the action by the space button. Then you can use the mouse for the UI. The DEMO is available here: (Notice the game is around 80-90mb, so it can take for a little bit to load, please have some patience). The game works fine on Chrome, I saw some errors in Firefox that have been already reported to Unity, I feel it's some bug with the player. So I would recommend to play it on Chrome.
Dani Marti
Indie Game Developer - Artist