MLP tactical RPG (technical demo)
Disclaimer: This is a fan game, all Friendship Is Magic characters and lore are Hasbro's intellectual property.
This is a short technical prototype I made for a class in college. The idea is trying to emulate a Fire Emblem-like game, that is, a Tactical turn based strategy game with RPG elements.
A gameplay video can be found here:
This test match is only a technical demonstration and is not part of a bigger project nor tells any particular story. However, I really enjoyed making this and I’m open to the possibility of making a full (albeit small) game based on this. I even have some design and story drafts, but I need to structure them better before contemplating the idea of starting any more projects.
Software used: Unity3D, Inkscape, Visual Studio Community 2015, Fungus for Unity, Audacity.
Jose Riaño
Student - Programmer