mist sky city with crime scene!
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I make it with full free assets on Unity assets store

I'm an indie developer and I love making game with Unity3D and only Unity3D. Because I love this with C# support (and I'm a .NET developer C#).
I see Neon Challenge far on DEC 2017 but I don't do anything, I think it difficult for me (I just create mini game for Android so far).
But two days ago I watch a tutorial of Unity3D "Creative Prototyping: The Neon Project Short Demo" and now I see how to create a environment look more beautiful with simple step and I start to do it, I think i can do it!
First time I get a assets "Battle Arena" of AurySky and I want to start with it, but after a few hours with this I can't make it done, after that I have an idea with fly land and I find "Sky City Lite" of Red panda and begin again with this.
Production Process (Making of)
First time I using "Sky City Lite" and add some light for lamps, disable Direction light for night scene, I download assets "Planet Earth Free" and took this skybox with black background and many star to shine, I add more light and make more mini light with tiny sphere with emmision, write some code for my lamps make it live, using particle system for firefly.
After add light I go to take some character add to my scene.
Final I add fog and post processing, using timeline and cinemachine to prepar for video record, all the time I facing with my laptop it slow and very lag! For video record I must go out and rent a strong PC and start record.

Assets, Tools, Plugins Lis:
list assets:

sound and background sound:
animation and models:

Work-in-Progress Logs:
Work In Progress Log #1: 6 Jan 2018
Create new project and start download assets, make some light design scene.
Work In Progress Log #2: 7 Jan 2018
add for and post processing and find tutorial for it, at night fall I fanailly known to make fog and can using Cinemachine to prepar for tomorrow, add crime scene for more interesting.
Work In Progress Log #3: 8 Jan 2018
Final check and record video and long!
Upload video on Youtube and post final post on Unity Neon Challenge.
It take 3 days work hard and learn for make fog, post processing and cinemachine!

Please if you like this video just vote it for me, thank you so much!
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