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"MIST OF SOUNDJATA" is a Ludo-cultural online video game project based on management, conquest strategy and governance in the empire of Mali. It is a game in which you will create and organize your empire according to the Kouroukan fouga charter (one of the oldest constitution in the world). You build houses, cultivate, trade, make alliances, exploit your natural resources, you will research to build powerful and formidable sofas. Attack, submit other empires by conquering them or help those conquered by sending reinforcements. Reinforce the power of your army with myths, spy on other empires by consulting your Mory, Tourabou Massa, Colo Massa or Djina Tigui.
"MIST OF SOUNDJATA" is above all an educational game that promotes Mandingo culture. It is a game that traces the history of the empire of Mali under the reign of Soundjata Keita and allows you to relive this story.
The story of Soundjata Keïta is essentially known by the Mandingo epic told from generation to generation, mouths in ears and by griots to the present day.
To preserve this intangible heritage, this beautiful culture, this immense history; To promote this culture around the world;
We have recited the historyire de Soundjata Keita dans un langage commun qui est celui de la Technologie : D’où la conception « MIST OF SOUNDJATA ».
Mahamadou Doucoure
Mist OF Soundjata - Manager
Game Languages
French; English