Mission Planner
The goal of this project is effectively using interaction channels for players coordination and collaboration in Massively Multiplayer Online Games.
Implementation Tools & Techniques
IDE: World of Warcraft Engine & Editor, Language: Lua Script
Plugin Features
1. Planner
Before players start attacking WoW creatures, the team leader need to create the attack plan ( all the attack strategies by each team members ). [ Figure: Planner UI ]
2. Plan Sharing
Once the leader planned, the leader will share the plan with the rest of the team members for their individual role for this mission. [ Figure: Plan Sharing UI ]
3. Communication
Once the plan is shared and every team members know each role, we can start attack WoW creatures. Yet all team members need communicator during combat. Every player communicate Communication UI command for team interaction. [ Figure: Communication Command UI ]
4. Combat Announcer
The team leader need to announce before every team members approaching to any creatures or mission. [ Figure: Ready Announcer UI ]
5. Targeting
Targeting UI feature is an additional add-on for easy finding the target creature to approach. This feature is enabled only for the Team leader for specific mission.
Unity Engineer - Designer