Mirrors of Grimaldi
Please visit the following links for an overview of Mirrors of Grimaldi: and my contributions to it: Mirrors of Grimaldi is a local multiplayer game, that takes the aspect of splitscreen multiplayer, and does something never seen before! Our splitscreens are dynamic, and represent your character’s health in relation to the other players’. This means that when a player takes damage, a portion of their screen is taken away, and then equally redistributed to the other players. Splitscreen is at the forefront of Mirrors of Grimaldi and how players interact with our dynamically changing splitscreen will determine who is victorious in this competitive multiplayer experience. The player’s main weapon is the ability to punch enemy minions into opposing players’ screens, who will then target and attack your opponents instead of you. With thrilling and strategic gameplay, Mirrors of Grimaldi brings a fresh new face to local multiplayer that will keep hardcore and casual gamers alike asking for another rematch. A team of 8 of us (the other members can be found at the 1st link above) worked on the game full time from September 2015 to June 2016 as our Senior Year Project at Drexel University. In that time we took the project to Intel's University Game Showcase at GDC 2016, after being selected by our program's faculty to represent the university, and won 1st place for best Gameplay. We also go approved for release through Steam Greenlight and will be releasing the PC version of the game by the end of 2017.
Evan Freed
Game Designer, 2D&3D Artist