Miris video game project
Updated 9 months ago
A new project by the creator of Namby Pamby and the Blood Sand Temple
Sorry, I didn't realize there was more to the challenge, than submitting art/ work to be chosen, I'll fix this up soon, and get the deliverables in order. , but my game here was based on Metroid solely, which is a strong memory for me.. i also really enjoyed the original sim city's btw.. Just getting started on a new planet spelunker project based on Metroid , but I'd join a successful team doing other projects, doing this stuff alone is a long and arduous task. But, I have gotten quite good at the steps. Here's a link to a quick video of some of the first days of prototyping and playing around don'e this week,.... Here's a link to Namby Pamby and the Blood Sand Temple game demo.. my first completed game.

Aaron McCue
freelance Artist/programmer - Designer