Mint into Space
Published 8 days ago
In development
Linux; Windows; Android; WebGL; Oculus Rift
Mr. Mirsky deals with a PR problem by sending _another_ dog into orbit; Some mint winds up in space with what may be disastrous consequences for those left on earth!
The story of Laika2 and the Mint into Space an animation project using a mix of the latest Unity real-time filmmaking tools and good old sprite graphics. As a runtime rendered music video, there's a huge opportunity for interaction and "viewers" will have lots of fun things to discover. Supports Windows and WebGL with mobile and VR coming soon---eh...actually, coming eventually. Eventually! Yay! :)

Jim/Angus Freeman
Multiplayer Designer-Developer - Programmer
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Supported Platforms
Linux; Windows; Android; WebGL; Oculus Rift