Action puzzle game for iPad.
Miniverse is my own self-driven Unity project, which I started in June of 2011 and released in July of 2014. Miniverse is a fast-paced puzzle game for the iPad in which you move helpless people around a universe. Miniverse was extremely successful. While it never achieved financial success, I used the project to prove my abilities, build my resume, and get additional work. I designed printed and shipped posters to various iOS gaming news sites. As a result, Miniverse was featured on Pocket Full of Apps, Pocket Gamer, and Touch Arcade.
"I can't really think of any other game quite like it." - TouchArcade "By far one of the most unique games to come to iOS." - Pocket Full of Apps "It's like driving down the M4 motorway and picking up a few hitchhikers along the way." - Pocketgamer PocketGamer - 148Apps - TouchArcade -
Ryan Rothweiler
Software Engineer - Programmer