Mini Rpg
I've started working on making an rpg. I really just wanted to challenge myself to make something kinda complex and with lots of systems and try to make it in a way that's easy to use and expand upon. Here's hoping
I've not got much right now, but as I add to it I'll try to remember to update here Currently I've got an inventory system, you can gather stuff (sorta), there's a dialog system, the start of a quest system, and a way to do cutscenes. I'm planning on expanding gathering (right now it's just clicking on an object and you get an item), and adding skills, so you need certain skills to gather certain items, and the skill will increase how fast you can gather items. Some quests will also require skills to be a certain level and other quests to be completed.
The character model is from this pack: UI sprites are from this:
Collin Anderson
Indie Dev - Student