Mini Realms World
Current game development project, making an open world game for android. Most recently added a small inventory system, which needs some additional work, along with the plant growing feature, undecided on battles to take place in world or try have separate scenes loaded for battles. Also plan to make all new models to give me better range of models and performance.
Between working on Mini Realms World, have decided to make my own models for the game, due to purchasing models to find weird issues with models, either important faces missing from models, or models use too many textures and materials to be any good for mobile development. So I try make a large set of models and possibly will turn it into a Unity Asset for the Asset Store. (Edited on 25/08/2017) - low-poly models looked okay, then I realised shadows were only on hard, upon turning on shadows to soft, the 2 buildings started having face clipping issues, I have repaired the windmill, but the house I will scrap and start over. Good job I found this issue after only making 2 buildings, now I know what to be careful off when making more :)
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