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In our game, you act as a mine watch to keep the mine tunnel under save condition. You will search the tunnel to check whether the gas degree is save for people. You will experience the falling-in in tunnel and learn how to anchor net to prevent the rock from falling down. As we think the player will learn how to keep the mine tunnel save after playing our game.


Now there still many coal mining accidents in the mine tunnel, such as falling-in accident just happen in ShenMu mining, taking away so many lives. As a student came from China University of Mining and Technology, all we want to do is finding faster and saver way to mining for coal. So when I saw this game theme, I want to make a game to teach people how to keep the tunnel save by acting in mine tunnel. I think many people do not need the skills used in the game, but I think it is also a special experience for the player.


  • Engineer Chen
Engineer Chen is an virtual NPC designed to guide player to take correct actions under the mine tunnel. He likes tells jokes. When the condition is dangerous, he will tell the player to do something correct to save the player's life.
  • Anchor Net
Falling-in is one of the main accident in mine. One of the important actions to prevent falling-in is to anchor net to the place for preventing falling rocks.In our game player will experience the feeling of being attack by the rocks and anchor net to prevent rocks from falling.
  • Gas Monitor
Player will search for gas monitor to check for the gas degree. If player feel dizzy, he should open the fan to the max, or he will die.


  • Unity v 2018.1.0
  • Smart Git v 18.2.5


  • Mine Tunnel Model: I download the model from the TurboSquid website.
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We have three programmers all in university. It is our first try for global test. Hope we will use the skill and do better in the next test!
Yao Shi
A CS Master student, want to make game - Student