Mines and Magic
Published a year ago
In development
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Linux; Mac; Windows
Fantasy themed tower defense with automatically fighting towers-units and significant economics component.
Towers-units fight automatically, use their numerous abilities and decide what monster to attack. They are smart, you can rely on them.
The success of the defense depends on units' formation and army composition. If done right, and army woul be able to counter any kind of enemy attack.
Player can also help his army fight the toughtest waves by casting spells, which can damage and weaken the enemy and buff and heal the allied towers.
Spells can be purchased between the levels, as well as artifacts, that will provide combat and economical bonuses.
Enemies are not simply tough soldiers, they have different magical abilities, they use different tactics, they unite in formations of different units to combine their complimentary strengths.
There are more than 100 different units currently in the game, every one of which has a unique ability and fight differently.
The army costs resources, and players' responsibility is to build mines and farms to gather different resources randomly scattered around the map.
Mines can be built only within player's territory, but every mine can push the borders wider, so some rare resources will have to be reached a tricky way.
Mines can be upgraded with resources to provide more income, so the player will have to think of the best ways to invest his resources to make more money. Resource management, strategic thinking and planning ahead will be required alot in this game.
But defending the castle is the main priority still. Enemy gets stronger and stronger with every wave. Investing too much resources into economics might lead to a breach.
The castle might survive the attack. All the more so it be upgraded to gain more damage, fire rate, HP and improve some other magical properties.
If all waves are successfully destroyed, the player gets the reward (resources and artifacts) and gains one more area under control. Then he proceeds to the global map, where he can improve the territories he controls, to get more global map resources, which can be spend to research more units, purchase spells and artifacts, upgrade his units and open new builders. After everything is done on the global map, the player will pick the new area to attack and start one more battle.
There are 20 levels in the game.
Programmer, game designer - Programmer
Game Languages
English; Russian
Supported Platforms
Linux; Mac; Windows