Mind Mould
Mind Mould is a next generation shape filling puzzle game, which combines Tetris and Tangram!
Mind Mould is a shape filling puzzle game, which combines Tetris and Tangram mechanics. So it is a game for enthusiasts of casual puzzle games. There are 5 different parts you can use to complete any level in Mind Mould. Furthermore, these are parts are sequenced randomly like Tetris. Therefore each level requires change of strategy to complete it. Sillywalk Games initially released the game for iOs in 2013. That version was pay-to-play. The game received around 5,000 downloads – enough to prove the game’s viability. Hence it encouraged Sillywalk to produce a second version of the game. I worked as solo freelance programmer for the second version of the game. We rebuilt the game ground up in a new engine(Unity). I have also integrated in-app purchases and ads for new free-to-play business model along with social features. The primary target market was China. However changes in Chinese laws stopped that plan. We have localized the game for 10 different languages. Couple of soft launches were made to test the game in other markets did not produce expected returns. Hence, Sillywalk is now considering possibility of an Android launch.
Sercan Altun
Game Designer/Programmer - Programmer
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