Millas Memo 2
Updated 21 days ago
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Android; iOS
Probably the heaviest memory on earth!
Milla has grown bigger. And her demands on memory have also increased.
Compete against Milla this time in an animated memory!
Try to beat her again, you have an infinite number of tries.
Find pairs with the same animations!
But this time Milla won't give you a chance...
The game design is based on the original. Milla remembers EVERY animation that is uncovered!
Do you have a chance?
Yes you do!
(1) Also remember every animation that is revealed.
(2) Use your sophistication in addition.
(3) Believe that chance will help you (but it also helps Milla).
What does sophistication mean?
For example that you make sure that Milla doesn't see new animations too fast ;-)
Matthias Mach
Motion & Interactive Designer - Artist
Game Languages
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS