Military Mountain Base
Updated a year ago
Military Mountain Base - Unfinished
I couldn't finish this challenge. I am not updating article too. But, I've attached some screenshots.

Update #5 : Basic Lighting in Unity (Read article for all updates which will cover whole creation process)

Creation of Military Mountain Base

Update #0 : Concept Art

I'm 16 days late to this Neon Challenge and just started today. I want to go with my own concept and after lot of sketches I got idea of Military base between two or three mountain spikes. I'm not good at drawing but tried. Though it's bad I want to post it here.
As I loved the concept, I wanted to see how can I put it well on screen. I opened Blender, started creating mountains and base for very rough layout which will give me very good idea. I didn't try creating something like this before and I'm excited to do it now.
There are many challenges on the way for me because It's my first ever such project where I model stuff, import into Unity, light it, render it to get a finished product. I'm on it :)

Update #1 : Modeling WIP

Modeling base inside Blender 3D. I'm not a modeler but I know some basics of modelling tools in Blender I wanted to see all challenges in modelling, so modelling some assets by my own. So far, models are coming pretty good and I'm happy about my modelling skills

I opened .blend file inside Unity to see if there are any importing issues between Blender & Unity. In this attempt, I figured out that Unity is pretty good at importing a blend file as is.
One problem I found is Unity can't handle Blender's groups & instances. So, We have to manually convert all instances to meshes in blender.
As of now, I do not know any other solution other than manual conversion. If I find any solution or work around, I will post it next update.

Update #2 : Modeling WIP

Update #3 : Military Base Modeled in Blender

Update #4 : LookDev

Update #5 : Basic Lighting in Unity

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