Microsoft Lobby Cube Experience
A reactive audio-visual sculpture in the lobbies of two of Microsoft's newly renovated buildings on their main campus. The experience inhabits the interior of a giant, glowing cube suspended in the lobby. A stairway winds through the cube, and as people climb the stairs a unique, L-shaped display shows one of four nature-inspired scenes: water, forest, birds, or clouds. The scenes are generative particle systems, each with its own physics, behavior, and aesthetic. Kinect cameras track the user's position and trigger events: gusts of wind, water currents, flock disturbances. Atmospheric, generative audio accompanies the visuals, and follows the user to create an immersive 3D soundscape. I also created a virtual reality mock-up of the space to see how the experience would look before it was built. My role: concepting, visual programming, Kinect tracking system, audio sync protocol, Oculus Rift prototype Made with: Unity, C#, DirectX 11 Compute Shaders, HLSL, OSC, Kinect, Max
Corey Paganucci
Creative Technologist