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Metro Simulator 2019 Full Crack [key Serial Number] -

About This GameDon't lose your unique chance to take a look at the subway system in a new way - now you can become a train driver!The train control is made in accordance with reality - speed increase and braking, you can open doors, switch cameras, change train announcers and lots of other features. A very important part of each subway and railroad are railway traffic lights. In the game, the mechanics of traffic lights is implemented, and the player is able to switch arrows. Passengers look like real. They react train arriving, get on it and choose available seats in the car. If passengers see that the train is arriving at the station they need, they are standing near the doors in advance for exit. You also have an opportunity to see the game the passenger's eyes. At any time you can leave the train to take a look at the stations. You will see the world's most beautiful subway - the Moscow Metro. The stations and tunnels are created as accurately as possible in accordance with reality. On the rail sections, all slopes and turns are observed. For sharing this game as Early Access we prepared 2 lines - 8A (Solntsevskaya Line) and 11 (Big Circle Line). There are two types of trains are available initially: "Oka" and "Moscow". During the Early Access we are planning on adding some new types of trains and also other metro lines. Besides, we are considering the possibility of including in this game other subway systems of different countries. Which subway will we add next? It depends on the wishes of our players. b4d347fde0 Title: Metro Simulator 2019Genre: Indie, Simulation, Early AccessDeveloper:KishMish GamesPublisher:KishMish GamesRelease Date: 1 May, 2019 Metro Simulator 2019 Full Crack [key Serial Number] If you like WoS, you gonna love this. Yes it's early access... yes there are bugs but this just feels like the next gen of subway simulators.It's only 10 bucks and I have a blast playing it so far!I have two notes for the developer:1) You stated in a post: "Besides, we are considering the possibility of including in this game other subway systems of different countries." Please don't! Focus on Moscow, adding more lines, new features, perfecting the game... another country can be DLC or the next edition.2) Build a communityStart a forum so users can discuss and be involved, start a monthly dev blog where you drop teasers and get people exited for future updates.I am very exited about the huge possibilities for this game!. From what I have played so far, this is a very good (early access) game at a reasonable price (£7.19 at the time of writing). I like that there are two different trains which provides a bit of a difference if you get bored. The scenarios included so far are also interesting and challenging. You have to really keep your eye on the ball to avoid points penalties for late or early arrival, speeding etc. This can be a tad frustrating when you first start playing, because it's very easy to lose all of your points very quickly if you're not paying attention.The Moscow Metro is faithfully recreated and the graphics are nice, if a bit fuzzy at times. Some of the scenarios contain a bit of history about the Metro stations, which is interesting to learn about. I find that the game runs pretty well, unlike some previous reviewers. I don't seem to experience much drops in frame rate or other performance issues. I also haven't found any major bugs so far, which is pretty impressive for an early access game!The English translation in the scenarios (including the tutorials) is sometimes a little bit dodgy, but there hasn't been a point where I couldn't understand what it meant. It would be good if this translation could be improved in a future update. The station announcements are bilingual (in Russian and then English), which is a nice touch. The graphics on the inside of the cab are all in Russian, although if you hover over them there is English text which tells you what each button does and you quickly learn what everything does, so this isn't a problem.All in all, I would recommend this game in its current state and look forward to see what the developers will come up with in future updates. I think this game has a huge amount of potential and is much better than the similar World of Subways series in many ways.. They need to work on this game a lot, The interface is bad, graphic’s are ... weird. It does not have other Al run trains even though they are working on it. Walking though doors is one bug of many but they do seem to be updating it a lot so I would say I cant recommend the game in currant state but give 6 months or a year or ...2 and this game could be something good as it has a lot of potential. Probably won’t refunded it as I wait for updates. Also the price is not bad at all. Verdict Wait awhile 😊
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