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Neon Challenge Submission Using Only Assets from the Unity Asset Store.

Metamorphosis - FINAL SUBMISSION



Hi, my name is John and I am a Unity hobbyist. This submission was made over 5 days using Unity 2017.3 Personal Edition and nothing but the asset store and Unity's integrated tool sets. I have been enjoying Unity for a few years now and thought this challenge would be a great chance to show how powerful Unity is. Unity offers amazing tools for any one who wants them in a affordable and approachable way and leverages the community and its asset store in a way that makes a hobbyist like me have a chance to make high quality content whenever I get an idea.


I was inspired first and foremost by the original Neon short. As much as I loved the scene, the thing that inspired me the most was bringing together of seemingly simple elements to make such a striking final product. Specifically, leveraging the asset store and Unity's lighting to carry the vast majority of the scene.
The main source of the rest of my inspiration came from Blade Runner. My first glimpse into a Neon like future when I was first growing up. I love the understating of the futuristic elements in favor of a gritty neon laced noir story.

Material Creation, Production Process, and Post-Production.

I knew I wanted 3 or 4 separate areas that would be visually interesting on their own. So I decided an alley flanked by two visually interesting areas would be a good starting point. I blocked out a basic layout for spacing and then started to pick out assets.
I knew I wanted to make the entire scene using nothing but assets from the asset store. Which can sometimes be frustrating if you are trying to force an idea and you can't find assets that work with your vision. So, I decided to let the assets guide me. Finward Studios "Modular City Alley Pack" and Manufactura K4's "Dark City" provided the majority of what I needed to build the base of my scene. Once that was finished, I started adding lights to further help me in deciding where smaller elements would go best.
Since I had already decided to only use assets from the asset store, I was lucky enough to not need to make and custom content for the challenge. Which meant I got to spend the majority of my time just building my scene.
After I was happy with the look of my scene, Unity's Volumetric fog and Post-Processing stack was all the touching up I needed to satisfy myself with the visual aspect of the product.

Scene Conceptualization

Once I had the back drop of my scene built I had to think of some sort of story that would fit with it. Not an easy task when you are limited by no dialogue, a lack of time, and a limited set of animations. I decided that since I was already setting the scene to be in a seedy part of town, I should follow that up with what can happen to people who don't keep their guard up in those parts of my futuristic world.
The story follows a man that has too many drinks and ends up passing out. A near by solider of fortune takes it upon himself to gather the man up and sell him to a near by human chop shop where the mans body is stolen and sold and his consciousness is put into a cyborg and let go.

Cinemachine and Timeline

Once the scene was built and a rough story concept decided, I had to bring it alive. Unfortunately for me I only had 5 days from starting this project to submission and my experience with Cinemachine and Timeline was scant to say the least.
As it turns out, every aspect of animation and camera work in my scene was done using Cinemachine and Timeline. It speaks to the effort of the Unity developers that they could make such powerful tools that can also be implemented into a project after just a few hours of watching tutorials on YouTube.
My only complaint is that Timeline has no where near the flexibility of Mecanim for blending and mixing animations and I think the end result suffered a bit because of it. Then again, I have spent far longer learning the ins and outs of Mecanim so I look forward to learning more ways to get the most out of Timeline.


I loaded my scene with lots of assets I had purchased during the recent mega sale. I used a lot of them but not all so I will only list the packages that I relied on heavily to build my scene.
Dark City
Modular City Alley Pack
Modular Stylized Colonial Town
Flooded Grounds
SciFi Industrial Level Kit
PBR Pack: Sci-Fi Pumping Station
Movement Animset Pro
Giant Monster Animset
Futuristic Soldier Pack
MCS Male
Post-processing Stack v2
Volumetric fog, area lights
The Rogue - Orchestral Trailer Music