Metal Victory Riffs, Vol. 1
Pick up this collection of powerful riffs and enrich your game by accentuating various victories with some alternative metal! Instead of standard SFXs, use aggressive guitars and hard hitting drums! Best suited for action packed games, these riffs are great to accentuate: - victory screens - completing missions - achievements - finishing 1st in a race - picking up bonuses/power ups - reaching a hi-score - defeating a powerful enemy - scoring a great combo - finding a weapon - headshots - finding a secret ... you name it! The collection includes 130 audio tracks: 50 different riffs/melodies, each in multiple variations. You can listen to all of the riffs in the sampler here (one variation per riff): Variations include differences in drum patterns, riff melody and dynamics. Track length: 4-8 seconds. This pack directly mirrors my other pack: Metal Defeat Riffs Vol. 1. Together they allow handling both positive and negative events in a game with complete consistency.
Karol Kosacki
Composer/Audio Producer