Metal Shell: Neon Pulse
Metal Shell: Neon Pulse is an 80's inspired, 2D, run n' gun game where players pilot upgrade-able mechs in a battle to save Earth.
Metal Shell: Neon Pulse is a futuristic-80's inspired, 2D, run n' gun game where players pilot upgradeable Shells (mechs) in a battle to save Earth. The game has been in development for 9 months and is scheduled for a Windows and Mac release with a stretch goal for a console release.
The Shell is a pilotable mech, controlled from an interior cockpit by a single pilot. The Shells are equipped with state-of-the-art armor and weaponry, track vital signs of the pilots, and are highly customizable and upgradable. Each Shell comes standard with a dual weapon loadout, close-range combat abilities and a unique special weapon.
In Metal Shell: Neon Pulse your goal is to defend Earth and its extraterrestrial colonies from an invading alien race, the Cayrzac. You fight as one of three military heroes, tasked with destroying Cayrzac bases, stealing technology, and using that information to build weapons to use against them. Piloting your Shell, you’ll fight enemy ground forces and use their destroyed armor to repair your Shell when it takes damage. As you collect alien technology you will take it back to base and build custom weapons with it. The action is fast paced, requiring lots of running, jumping, and shooting. Each playable character will have their own unique play style and weapons system, allowing players to experience a variety of combat encounters.
Seth Rolfe
Game Designer - Designer