Metal Dragon (prototype)
Updated 2 years ago
In development
A fun and fast paced pixel beat-em-up! Everything you see is WIP...
In the kingdom of Asu, everybody is an ass.
This magical kingdom is inhabited by the Asus, a fantastical people recognizable by their bright and colorful asses they nonchalantly juggle around.
The ruler of the kingdom, the Holy Princess, is the reincarnation of the Goddess Asu and, as demonstration of this, she has been gifted with the power of the Goddess’ great ass.
The great ass grants her amazing powers.
The problem is the Princess is an ass and the Asus in danger.
Metal Dragon is born from the need of finding a job in the industry and leave a minimum wage job that barely pays the bills. It is also born from a dream: a dream of becoming a successful game designer and creating a franchise a-la Zelda. Then take such a franchise put some weird in it, make the princess an ass and add few asses to smack. Also there is a move called the "ass-breaker".
Francesco Sagaria Rossi
Marquis - Artist
Unity Developer - iOS Developer - Programmer