Mesh Deformation Full Collection package
What's the MD Package? It's a collection of mesh deformation methods in Unity. Ready for Unity 2017.
Package includes: - Many types of mesh deformations with Unity's mesh tools. - MD (Mesh Deformation) Plugin - Example usage scenes - Example scenes of a completed games - Advanced Vertex and Fragment shaders - Mesh Editor at Runtime - Mesh Editor in Editor - Mesh Modification - Mesh Modifiers - Mesh Morpher - Mesh Animation & Rigging - Physically Based Perlin Noise - Fast and Handy Vertex Tool Window - Mesh Decal Fitter - Noise Mesh Effect - VR Support [OpenVR]
Includes simple assets (material, scenes, simple models, SteamVR)
These methods can be used in many cases in any game... Any static object can be deformed, animated or even destructed. We've got some products that are already using the MD Package: Dirty Hills Download and Sea Orchestra Download. More about the games content in the Documentation or on the pages of the games.
If you would like to try some example demos, you are able to download example VR scenes -
MD_Plugin Example VR Demo 1 Download MD_Plugin Example VR Demo 2 Download [for HTC Vive, SteamVR required]
If you would like to know how each component and plugin script work, please visit the Latest Documentation:
MD_Package Official Video Documentation V7 MD_Package Official PDF Documentation
Everything is demonstrated in example scenes with clear and easy explanation. This package will teach you advanced Unity scripting techniques.
Matej Vanco
Software Developer - Programmer