Mermay challenge day 1-3
Day 1: I've always loved mermaids, and since I missed last year's MerMay, I wanted to take part this year. Even though I'm way off schedule (working on 2nd days picture rn) I still want to participate! First day's prompt was coral, so I drew a coral toned mermaid with a bunch of corals lmao. Added tons of fins because i love fins on mermaids
Day 2: The space promt gave me so many ideas, but the idea of a mermaid looking up at the starry sky in awe, not realising she's surrounded by them aswell caught my heart! so, there it is! I succ at drawing water but I think i'm getting better at it;; Also I've had a hard time drawing faces with my display tablet but this one turned out pretty good! I'm proud of this!!
Day 3: Ugh I'm trying so hard to catch up;;;;; I'm still 2 days off schedule!!! Anyway, here's my jellyfish <3 I got inspired by the white-spotted jellyfish, it's so cute and all it wants to do is eat lmao, I relate! The diet drives me crazy, but it makes me appreciate the cheat days even more
Anne Mari Kotov
Art Student - Student