Menino Ney
Published a year ago
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Game developed using Unity3D. It is a funny game where the character must roll to get the items on the football field!
Conquer all trophies in less time with MeninoNey's famous somersault! Challenge your friends in this battle!
A casual 2D game where you control a great player: Ney. There are hundreds of trophies mirrored by the lawn and the more you score, the more you get.
To get the items on the field, first, of course, you must simulate a drop by leaning on opponents. At this moment the Ney begins the famous and dangerous somersault on the lawn, it is at that time that the items can be picked up.
A boring judge is always on his tail, no use being as correct as possible because he knows it's simulation! So stay the furthest away from him!
The rule is clear: a yellow card .. ok! The second yellow card .. you are sent off! So much attention in the judge!
There are special items that can be purchased and facilitated during the game. These items can be buyer through the market. To get money, watch the advertisements! If you do not want to, it can be skipped!
Have a good time! #MeninoNeyTheGame
Camilo Barreto
Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality - Programmer
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Portuguese; Portuguese, Brazil; Portuguese, Portugal
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