Mendel's Clinic
Genes and Traits Educational Game
Made three educational games in three and a half months for the US Edugames Startup Legends of Learning. The degrees of participation varied for the three games, yet the three were managed by me. They needed to comply with the client's requirements (function in WebGL in tablets, connection with an API, appropriate contents and language for US Schools among others.) Mendel's Clinic (from 12 December to 15 February) : - Big tossing-style game for the time available, featuring 3 different types of minigames and an upgrades / economy system. - Teaches about Genes and Traits. - Designed and managed most aspects of the project. The majority of the time was spent coding and building up the Unity project, but other tasks were necessary, as providing Photoshop training to the backgrounds and general assets artist and making the project perform in WebGL, which was tricky. - Monster graphics and Mendel were produced by William Zack Wood. - Background and general assets were produced by Yami Ko. - One track of music was custom designed by Patricia Ziehn.
Xanto Nemot
Game, Apps and Web Dev - Programmer