Memory Puzzle Pieces
Updated a year ago
Odin's three memories modeled
Here are the three memories I made my models on. I used a combination of Rhino 6, ZBrush, and Photoshop to model and texture my work.
Layout: When making my memories I decided to go with a puzzle piece style layout. I thought about the memories as pieces of a puzzle that fit together creating a landscape of a person's overall psyche. The small missing gaps between some pieces in the puzzle are representative of forgotten mundane thoughts in person's life, that are unimportant to the larger picture.
1st Model - Nature: Most of my memories weren't really specific one time memories from a single point in my life. The memories I chose to model were a accumulations memories and experiences. What I mean is my model on Nature is built off of my memory of growing up surrounded by lots of huge trees which gave me a sense of wonder. I looked at these trees everyday and I wanted to capture that feeling in my model of the forest around my home. So the model isn't based off a one time visit to the forest but of many times.
It was kind of hard for me to try to explain or showcase what I meant to show with the model from an outside view. To be honest this challenge was a bit difficult since it seemed it was suppose to be of areas viewed from a third person perspective or further away. Memories are made in the first person though. I tried to move the camera into the forest to give a better scale of the trees and to convey the feelings I wanted to show.
2nd Model - Beach: This model is based off a visit to the beach. The idea was to convey the feeling of building a sand castle as a kid. At first it shows the reality of what I built as a child which was a very simple sand pile style castle. On the other side of the model though it shows a much grander style of castle. This is there to show how the sand castle appeared to me in my eyes when I built it. It was to show the gap between reality and child's sense of fantasy or daydreaming when creating something.
3rd Model - Friendship: This model was about my friends and I who play online games together over our computers. I tried to show an internet connection linking our computers, but it could have probably been done better somehow to explain it. I still play video games with my friends in my spare time so that is a precious memory that is still growing for me today.
Below are some work in progress screenshots.

Thank you for your time viewing my work. Hope you have a lovely day!
Odin Unger
3D Artist - Designer
Sean Smith
a year ago
Just graduated
Really like the idea of puzzle pieces!
Ahmed A. Altaai
a year ago
Fantastic and impressive work. I absolutely loved it. Keep up the great art. Thanks for sharing.