Memories - Work in Progress
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Memories - Life

Update - Making adjustments to all memories for video presentation

Hi, Now that I have most of the scenes ready. I am now using cinemachine to create some shots for the video. Hopefully will be able to complete this week and then will continue making final adjustments. I plan to make a 1 minute video which will showcase all the three memories giving about 20 seconds to each memory. Thanks for viewing.

Update - Memories Screens (Work in progress)

Hi, Here are some new screens for the three memories. I have now placed most of the scene content and will start adjusting details and make it ready for the video presentation. I am also looking into animation of some elements in each scene also to generate more interest. Maybe some sound elements also. Will have to experiment.
Thank you for viewing :)

Work in Progress - Update for third memory. (The Game Arcade)

This is the new work in progress for the third memory. It is mostly going to a fun animated type of memory. First time when visited a game arcade. It was fun and very memorable. Have a look. Thanks for viewing :)
Update for Memories (Work in Progress The Grave)
I have updated some design in the second memory. Below is the new short clip from the graveyard memory. Thanks alot for viewing :)
Update for Memories (Work in Progress Lost)
Hello, in this update I am now starting work to present the memory in a interesting way. I am using cinemachine for this. Some assets and textures will be updated in later stage. Overall I want to get things in place now for the video also. Have a look. Thank you very much for viewing :)

Update for Memories (Work in Progress)

Hi, In this update, I have added some more things in the memories and overall presentation. I have added new video link which shows the current work done so far. Have a look. I plan to keep it simple and not very complex and experimenting shots :) The 3 memories are Lost, Graveyard & Arcade. Thank you for viewing.

Update - Work in Progress (Memory #3 The Arcade)

Added some more modifications to the third memory. Thanks for viewing.

Update - Work in Progress (Memory # 3 The Arcade)

The third memory related to the first time visit to a game arcade. This is also a work in progress memory. Thanks for viewing :)

Update - Work in Progress (Memory # 2 The Graveyard)

The second memory relates to the visit to graveyard. Although nothing final, I will update things as I progress more in this. Thanks for viewing :)

Update - Work in Progress (Memory # 1 Lost in Forest)

Continuation of refining the scene shot. I might next try some slight animated movements to give a sense of life in the scene.
Adding Color and light
Early work in progress. Adding and experimenting different colors and model details. Thank you for viewing.


I would like to join this challenge. It seems like a very interesting idea.
My memories are based on three points of life. Although I have started some very raw form of block out. I am adding first initial concept ideas which I would like refine as I further work in this. Art style will be mostly low poly.
Hopefully it will be a great experience to work again in Unity.
  • First memory is Lost in Forest (on a mountain area trip got lost. It was long ago. I would like to show it someway :)
  • Second memory relates to visiting grave of someone close to family. It was a very sad feeling.
  • The last memory relates to Games, the first time visited a game arcade and I knew then I wanted to go in this :)
Thank you for viewing.

Farrukh Abdur
3d Artist / Game Designer - Artist
Farrukh Abdur
2 days ago
3d Artist / Game Designer - Artist
Bobby WolfeNice updates Farrukh!
Thank you very much Bobby :)
Bobby Wolfe
2 days ago
3D Artist & Indie Developer - Other
Nice updates Farrukh!
Farrukh Abdur
11 days ago
3d Artist / Game Designer - Artist
Cindee MadisonI like the different feel across memories, excited to see more
Thank you very much :)
Cindee Madison
11 days ago
Data/ Machine Learning Engineer - Programmer
I like the different feel across memories, excited to see more
Farrukh Abdur
12 days ago
3d Artist / Game Designer - Artist
Rachael Anne BaoThis matches up the best with the artwork from the launch video. I really want to play this game.
Thanks :)