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Proxi Art - My Memories - Final
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Final Video
Final Video: Hi, I have added the final video for this contest. I had a great time working on this contest. It was wonderful to look at other entries also. I wish everyone best of luck and hope you like my work :) Thank you very much. Introduction: My name is Farrukh. I am self taught 3d artist. I have been learning Unity for sometime now and really enjoy using it for my game design projects. All 3d models were created for this contest. Other features from Unity like Post-processing stack and Cinemachine have been used extensively. Cinemachine options makes it really helpful to take variety of shots. For game scene recording, Unity recorder has been used. In this Proxi art challenge contest I selected three memories from my life and tried to present them in a stylized simple look. The forest night trip, the visit to grave and visit to game arcade are my memory themes. Screenshots

Update - Almost Ready - 06 May 2018

I am now adding all three memories into a one final video presentation. It was a good learning contest and experience. I am hopeful i will be able to get it ready this week :)

Update - Making adjustments to all memories for video presentation

Hi, Now that I have most of the scenes ready. I am now using cinemachine to create some shots for the video. Hopefully will be able to complete this week and then will continue making final adjustments. I plan to make a around 1 minute video which will showcase all the three memories giving about 20 seconds to each memory. Thanks for viewing. Latest - New update for the arcade scene. Just adding a touch of fun looking elements :)

Update - Game Arcade Memory (Work in progress)

Hi, Here are some new screens for the three memories. I have now placed most of the scene content and will start adjusting details and make it ready for the video presentation.

I am also looking into animation of some elements in each scene also to generate more interest. Maybe some sound elements also. Will have to experiment.
Thank you for viewing :)

Most elements have been reused to keep things optimized. For variation some elements were scaled and rotated also.

Memory #3 - Game Arcade - Work in Progress

This is the new work in progress for the third memory. It is mostly going to a fun animated type of memory. First time when visited a game arcade. It was fun and very memorable. Have a look.
All materials are simple color type materials. Some with high reflections and some with rough look.
Next step was to add some lighting, basic materials to give a more improved look.
This is the first block out of the game arcade memory.

3d Assets Creation Process

Most of the 3d models are simple meshes. Created in Maya. The poly count is also low. For each memory I created some unique 3d models and reused them throughout the scene. Simple primitive shapes make up most the 3d models.
The main character is also a low poly mesh with very simply basic skeleton. The character is same across the all three memories. A glow material is applied to the character to give a unique look.

Memory #2 - The Grave - Work in progress

Using Post Processing Stack and Cinemachine for Shots and video presentation.
I have updated some areas in the design for the second memory. Below is the new short clip from the graveyard memory. Thanks alot for viewing :)

Memory #1 - The Forest - Work in Progress

Update #6 The Forest scene - Default shading as visible in Unity Scene.
Once lighting and post-processing is applied, the entire scene presents a great visual improvement.
The models are pretty low poly. I have reused most the models with changing scale and rotations to give a impression of variation. Some trees and plants have a small movement animations to give a sense of life.
Update #5 Hello, in this update I am now starting work to present the memory in a interesting way. I am using cinemachine for this. Some assets and textures will be updated in later stage. Overall I want to get things in place now for the video also. Have a look. Thank you very much for viewing :)
Update #4
Hi, In this update, I have added some more things in the memories and overall presentation. I have added new video link which shows the current work done so far. Have a look. I plan to keep it simple and not very complex and experimenting shots :) Thank you for viewing.
Update #3 Continuation of refining the scene shot. I might next try some slight animated movements to give a sense of life in the scene.
Update #2 After the block out was done, next step was adding Color and light Early work in progress. Adding and experimenting different colors and model details.
The below screen was the first block out which I had in mind. I wanted to show a forest area not too dense but with stylized look.

Software Used:

- Unity 3d 2018 - Post-Processing Stack - Cinemachine - Unity Recorder - Photoshop / Media Encoder - Maya

Introduction - What are my memories?

Hi, I am a 3d artist. I have been using learning Unity for sometime now. I would like to join this challenge. It seems like a very interesting idea. Hopefully it will be a fun contest.
My memories are based on three points of life.
  1. Night in Forest
  2. The Grave
  3. The Game Arcade
Although I have started some very raw form of block out. I am adding first initial concept ideas which I would like refine as I further work in this. Art style will be mostly low poly.
Hopefully it will be a great experience to work again in Unity.
First memory is a night in forest (on a mountain area trip. It was long ago. I would like to show it someway :)

Second memory relates to visiting grave of someone close to family. It was a very sad feeling.

The last memory relates to Games, the first time visited a game arcade and I knew then I wanted to go in this :)

Thank you for viewing.
Farrukh Abdur
3d Artist / Game Designer - Artist
Lei He-Jun
2 years ago
I also use post processing stack. But not Maya :(
Farrukh Abdur
2 years ago
3d Artist / Game Designer
Lee Jeong Geuncool! great job, Farrukh Abdur!! :)
Thank you very much :)
Lee Jeong Geun
2 years ago
3D Artist
cool! great job, Farrukh Abdur!! :)
Farrukh Abdur
2 years ago
3d Artist / Game Designer
Owais ZahidNice work as always.
Thank you Owais :)
Owais Zahid
2 years ago
Unity3d | C# | AR | VR | Multiplayer
Nice work as always.