Memories that I always remember
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Things that made my childhood awesome.

MEMORY #1:My First Guitar

When I was young, I had a tremendous liking for music, especially Guitar, and i still do.
On my 13th birthday my dad surprised me with a guitar.
And i still remember the day I first played guitar.
Although i couldn't play well as i was a beginner, the happiness that i got after playing the guitar was marvelous.
It will always be a beautiful part of my memory.
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MEMORY #2:My First Bicycle Experience

All the kids once in their lifetime ride a Bicycle.
When i was 15 my uncle bought me a new bicycle after I scored very good marks in my exam.
When i first started riding it i fell down many times but that was really fun.
After many such falls, I finally mastered riding the bicycle. It is a very important part of my memory.
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MEMORY #2: Summer Trip To The Beach

This is a memory from my college days. My dad decided to take my family on a summer trip to the beach.
I was very excited to have a beach experience. We spent a lot of time in the water and I also played vollyball with my brother and sister.
At the end of the day, I was tired and exhusted.
But the memories that i created at the beach will always be there with me.

Step By Step Process

Software That i Used to make this video.
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After effects
All the models i made in Blender and Maya then textured in Photoshop,Designed in Unity and Edited in After Effects.

Thank you
Hope you like my video.
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Sean Smith
a year ago
Just graduated
Nice scenes! Really like the shading