Memories that changed me :D
Published a year ago
Three memories that changed my life forever.
When i was a kid i spend countless hours playing videogames on my n64, my favorite game the legend of zelda ocarina of time is the one that made me realize what i wanted to do with my life, make videogames.
My brother always took me to new places when i was little, he always packed the yellow car and took me to a lot of new places, i will always remember those trips with him, and all the cool stuf i knew because of him.
My final memory model is my workspace, i spend a lot of time in this space working in homework, playing with my friends, and specially making videogames.
I used blender for all the models, i made the textures using photoshop, some of them are copyright ones i found in the internet, i put all that stuff in unity 2017 and just took the screenshots from there.
Some screenshots from software (and some textures):
Juan Jesus
Sean Smith
a year ago
Just graduated
Legos and Zelda! Same dude. Nice use of colors.
Jenni Nexus
a year ago
Technical Artist (3D / Unity) Social Media
Looks so cuuuute! Love your art style :-D