Memories of the Rat Pack
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My Name is Bryan Mehr, I have a background in the printing industry and have always been interested in technology. I am at a stage in my career where I am earnestly pursuing some ideas I have had for a long time. When I first heard about this challenge at GDC, I thought I would not even be able to participate because I felt I needed to learn to much to fast. However I thought more about it and downloaded the suggested tools and began. I found rather quickly that this was something I may be able to do and since then I have learned so much. I had been learning Unity and this contest gave me something specific to learn and focus on which has helped in that process a lot. I have been on the fence about entering but here goes. Below is my first scene, at least where I am at with it so far. I have learned and built from scratch all aspects using Probuilder and Polybrush within Unity. My goal is to have 3 scenes that revolve around the Van I used to drive everyone around in. 1. Our favorite Skate Spot. 2. The Drive in Theater we used to all sneak in to with the Van. 3. The punk rock venues we used to go to in the Van to see shows. We spent a lot of time at this skate spot in scene 1, and building it has brought me back in a unique way. In fact I have built an ARCore app and actually road my skateboard through it in the street in front of my house, which brought the memories back in an even greater sense. My builds may not be as beautiful and complex as some here but I feel like I grasp the concept very well and would love to be considered on more than just my Unity / Probuilder skills. I believe that this medium resonates with our brains in a more natural way in which our brains are designed. We see depth in everything and building and visualizing in 3d just works so much better than traditional graphics. I also believe that wherever Proxy goes with this that it should be easy enough for a large amount of people to participate in without having to learn all that I am having to learn to participate. I am finding that when I share this build with people that experienced this place with me that it is eliciting some relevant and intimate responses that really mean something to me, as opposed to the empty dialect on current social media platforms that we so often experience. I think if this is done right it can become a really great social platform that society would really appreciate. I think people desire more social interaction with those closer to them and this seems like such a great way to do that. I have this vision to create a virtual cloud based park where we all hung out and add a bunch of prefabs / assets so my friends that aren't very tech savvy can come in and add their specific memories to the park and so on. I would also like to gamify some of the scenes with things we used to do like see who could jump the farthest on their skateboard or see if you can sneak in to the drive in theater without getting caught and many more that I have in mind.
Bryan Mehr
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Bryan Mehr
a year ago
It is with a little sadness that I write here I will not be able to complete my entry. Had a major computer crash part way through, and a whole lot of work came in for my "Day Job" as they say. I am amazed at the entries and the awesome talent that so many people posses. I am also thankful I put in the effort because I have learned so many new skills in my attempt here. Looking forward to seeing what Proxi becomes.