I Remember...
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I Remember...

Final Video

Memory_1: Fantasy House
When i was a boy i loved playing with my sister a the house, we both built with blankets, toys and cushions. We used my wedge as base.
Memory_2: The Coco
When i was 5 years old, i was afraid of the coco. The coco is a creature that comes out at night and stole children. My cousins bother me with that history
Memory_3: My First Console
When i was 10 years old, i found in a closet a atari 2600. At first i had no idea what that was but the box has many colorful motifs. this was my first console and since that day i loved the videogames


Unity 2018, PhotoShop, Maya 2018, Mudbox 2018
Unity: Cinemachine, post-processing stack v2.


i modeled my design with Maya 2018, i using primitive figures, after then in each object he took out the UV maps, Export the elements to mudbox where you do a texturing process, export the texture to unity 2018 and desing the enviroment.
After the finished scene, I make a process of lights using the theory of the triangle of lights besides using light probe for to generate a softening of light in the mesh. when i finished i used cinemachine and post-processing stack v2 for to give more effects to the composition of both lights and camera.
My first console

The Coco

Fantasy house

Ballon Game- Kevin MacLeod
Melodie Victoria- Kevin MacLeod
The House of Leaves-Kevin MacLeod
Cristhian Rubiano
3D modelling and texture artist (Enviroment) - Student
3D modelling and texture artist (Enviroment)
@Sean Smith Thanks bro :)
Sean Smith
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Just graduated
The feeling of each scene was well captured. Nice blanket texture!