Memories of Life
Updated 7 months ago
Introduction of my memories
Memory 1- Strength: In December 2005, during a huge power outlet, I fell and face-planted onto the concrete ground. I cut my chin open very badly where you were able to see the bone. I needed to get stitches. The doctors told me I had to get stitches without anesthetic.
Memory 2- Independence and Freedom: I left the nest. I moved out of my parents's house and moved into a student house that was close to my new college. I was going to start my life, with my own rules, and my own freedom without parents telling me what to do. Filled with excitement and nervousness, with a huge smile and some tears, as I waved goodbye to my parents.
Memory 3- Future: This year I graduate from my program and jumping into the my career. Reaching up to overcome new things that will affect me or try to push me down.

Erica Thomas
Prop/Environment Artist - Student
Lei He-Jun
7 months ago
雷禾鈞 - Student
Ouch, once my USB-Flash dropped down, I bend to pick it up, but my back hit the window frame, it flew up and landed on my head. Had some stitches.